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G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier

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CD Quality From Your MP3 Player

Tired of having to crank up your car stereo to get enough volume out of your connected MP3 audio player, IPod, IPad, IPhone or smart phone?  And having to sacrifice sound quality for volume?

If you thought it wasn’t possible to get CD quality sound from your MP3 player, the G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier is for you.  Professional musicians and audiophiles have long lamented how the digital audio player (MP3 players and IPods) fails to produce the sound quality of a CD.  The problem is not the device; the problem comes when you connect it via a headphone jack to your car stereo, TV system, or laptop.

Introducing the G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier. It is a serious High Quality Audio Preamplifier.  This amazingly small device provides the boost needed to power portable music players, iPods, MP3 players, smart phones and laptop computers.  Simply connect the  G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier between your audio player and your car stereo, home theater system, or laptop, sit back and enjoy crystal clear sound.

Most MP3 audio sources such as portable music players, smart phones, laptop computers, have only a headphone output for listening to sound, music or speech. Headphone outputs are designed to drive low impedance headphones typically 16 to 32 ohms. But when you want to listen to your MP3 player through a Stereo System, you may notice the need to turn up the volume on both your MP3 source and your music system. You may also notice the quality of sound is not as good as you would expect.

An impedance mismatch occurs whenever you connect a headphone output to a line input. This causes lower signal output requiring you to increase the gain on your MP3 player as well as your stereo system. An impedance mismatch also introduces distortion and reduces the transient response seriously reducing the quality of sound.

The solution: The  G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier . It is a serious High Quality Audio Preamplifier.

G-Rod MP3 Audio Cable MicroAmplifier

Made in America
G-Rod Audio Cable MicroAmp