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Distortion < 0.01% Signal to noise ratio > 100dB
Gain 25 dB
Nominal Audio Input 31 mV (‐28dBu)
Output 0.775V (0dBu)
Maximum Audio Input 116 mV (‐16dBu)
Output 2.9V (11.5dBu)
Input power 5VDC Micro‐USB
Power consumption 50mW
Dimensions: 2.3” x 1” x 0.5”



Versatile – Can be used in many different applications.
Small Size -It’s about the size of a USB flash drive, portable, and easy to hide.
Unique Patented Straight Thru Design – Audio In one end, Audio Out the other end, Power Connector out the side.
Hard-Wired connections give you the best possible sound quality. Straight path signal processing uses minimal wiring to minimize interference.
USB Power – micro USB is the cell phone standard. AC and Car USB adaptors are available everywhere.
High quality components used throughout including a glass epoxy circuit board (aerospace quality), gold plated audio connectors, Low noise audio op-amp.
Low noise high energy power supply ensures the audio signal is free from artifacts as harmonic and transient distortion.
Amazing Sound Quality Improvement from you Portable music player to any system you plug it into.
Made in USA – Reasonably priced. I will not send this to China to be made to save a couple of bucks.

Made in America
G-Rod Audio Cable MicroAmp